Tuesday, 23 November 2010

cher lloyd song stay with me video the results bottom 2 songs 21st november 2010

cher lloyd song stay with me the results bottom 2 songs 21st november 2010, this has all the results bit from last sunday's x factor bottom 2 with paije richardson (not paije singing though he did really well as well) and cher lloyd, where cher lloyd sings one of her most successful songs on x factor show.

everyone seemed to be shocked that wagner survived for another week as well, though i think wagner has a lot of fans due to him being quite unique and bringing something different to the x factor.

people say wagner is only getting votes from people trying to annoy simon cowell but i don't think this is true i think the public actually likes wagner and wagner also is popular by older and middle aged people as wagner is very old also and show he is popular with older people who vote for him.

i think wagner gets his votes because he has a lot of fans, not because people are voting on purpose, i think wagner picks up genuine votes from his fans.

X Factor Live Show Week 7: The Results - Cher Lloyd Sings For Survival - Stay X Factor 2010

The X Factor 2010 - Cher Lloyd - Stay - Week 7 Results Show Sing Off - [High Quality]

One act leaves the X Factor this week. Who will stay to sing another week? And Cher finds herself in the bottom two and sings her version of Stay by Shakespears Sister but is this the end of the road?

It was a dramatic night for fans of X Factor starlet Cher Lloyd - as she came nail-bitingly close to leaving the show.
The Malvern Link teenager found herself in the bottom two during tonight's results show and faced a tough sing-off against Paije. The Londoner sang soul classic Stop, while Cher performed Shakespeare Sister's Stay. The 17-year-old put her own stamp on the John Lennon classic Imagine on Saturday night, but it didn't go down well with the judges. Louis Walsh said it was a "very lazy performance", but mentor Cheryl Cole said: "Week after week after week she's come out and performed in every single way possible.
"When you strip it back it just shows that your vocal is not to be underestimated."

was this better then cher lloyds original version of stay with me? from x factor live show 4.

or is it that both versions sound different, not sure which is the best or they are both good in different ways.

The X Factor: Cher Lloyd sings Stay youtube video- The X Factor Live show 4