Saturday, 6 November 2010

Cher Lloyd song Empire State of Mind lyrics 6th november 2010 x factor

Cher Lloyd song Empire State of Mind lyrics 6th november 2010 x factor, cher lloyd was always going to be compared to last weeks performance tonight and so could not really win, but still did a really good performance tonight either way.

the problem is with the x factor is if you do a really amazing performance that can't really be matched the following week then you don't get as good comments from the judges, so cher lloyd could not really win this week due to be compared to her last weeks performance.

i think cher lloyd needs to come back probably next week and do a deep style of song like she did last week, or try a really soulful song as well as a possible song choice option for cher lloyd.

The X Factor: Cher Lloyd sings Empire State of Mind youtube video- The X Factor Live show 5

"The X Factor 2010: Cher is taking on a massive song this week, but has been singing it even since it came out! Loving the song so much - she even has a line tattooed on her arm! Opening the show with Empire State of Mind, will Cher get your vote?"

here are the empire state of the mind lyrics by alicia keys and jayz, as sung by cher lloyd on the american anthems themed x factor show 6th november 2010.

quite a lot of lyrics i am not sure which parts cher lloyd was singing from all those lyrics as the lyrics above have jay z and alicia keys in them.