Saturday, 13 November 2010

cher lloyd singing sorry seems to be mocking bird lyrics

cher lloyd singing sorry seems to be and a eminem rap called mocking bird lyrics 13th november 2010, cher lloyd was back on form tonight after a mixed response last week, and was back with really crisp lyrics and vocals tonight, cher seems to have a really good singing voice as well as being a good rapper as well.

which is what cher lloyd did on tonight's x factor this saturday 13/11/2010 with some big vocals and some rapping in the middle to mix it up a bit and put her own style into the song, this went a lot better then last weeks song, and cher lloyd looks easily safe from the phone vote for another week on the x factor.

The X Factor 13th november 2010 Cher Lloyd sings Sorry Seems To Be/Mocking Bird The X Factor youtube video

"The X Factor 2010: Last week, Simon's comments upset Cher - making her think she'd ruined her chances. With help from her mentor Cheryl, Cher let it wash over her and has prepared a simple but powerful performance for this week. Will Cher get your vote this week"

the lyrics for the elton song that cher lloyd was singing on the 13th november 2010 x factor are as follows.

this is the blue and elton john version quite good youtube video

Blue & Elton John - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word video with the lyrics

also nearly forgot the rap from cher lloyds song this saturday was separate and from a eminem song called mocking bird, here is the song and lyrics, nearly forget when the x factor acts are doing medleys and two songs this season x factor 2010.

Eminem-Mockingbird music video as sung by cher lloyd on saturday 13th november 2010 x factor

Eminem-Mockingbird music video

eminem mockingbird lyrics from cher lloyds rap this saturdays x factor