Tuesday, 2 November 2010

cher lloyd and liam payne dating rumours?

cher lloyd and liam pain dating rumours or are one direction a pain? with all the dating rumours all the time, i think cher lloyd has said that one direction are a pain in the arse and cher lloyd has denied all the dating rumours to the any of the one direction band members.

obviously that is what all these things are usually what we see about x factor and who is dating who it is all mostly rumours and chinese whispers, when really it should all be about the singing contest and how the x factor 2010 contestants are performing there songs.

just like when it was the audition stage for x factor 2010 it was all about how they sung when they came up onto the stage to try and get qualified for the x factor boot camp.

but once it gets into the x factor 2010 live shows it seems to all be about who is dating who and arguaments left right and centre with all the x factor acts falling out with each other, as the saying goes why can't we just have a happy x factor house?, i suppose because the media likes to over blow everything with the x factor being such a massive show.

especially this season of x factor 2010 seems to be the most popular x factor series ever with more people watching the x factor, and also the acts do seem to be someof the best ever on the x factor, with a lot of very talented singers on this years x factor 2010.

just watching the audition cher is only 16 here when auditioning, i wondered that also that she ws probably called cher in relation to the original cher from the 1970's and 1980's.

The X Factor: Cher Lloyd's X Factor 2010 Audition (Full Version)