Friday, 5 November 2010

american anthem songs on x factor 6th november

the american anthem theme songs list for x factor 6th november 2010 has been released, and there is some quite interesting choices on what each x factor contestant will be singing on this saturday's show, and i think american anthems might suit some acts more then others really.

on the 6th november 2010 x factor show one direction are singing "no boundaries", though it is not a well know song and i don't remember really ever having heard of it, so i don't think it is really a massive anthem really.

mary byrne is singing "there you'll be" on american anthems.

katie waissel has a interesting song choice with a no doubt song "don't speak", with i think louis walsh comparing katie to no doubt singer gwen stefani.

cher lloyd's song choice for american anthems is going back to a rap style themed song with empire state by jayz and alicia keys.

treyc cohen might suit american anthems theme on x factor because she has been called a rock chick on the show already, and treyc cohen has been given a familar song everyone will know "i don't want to miss a thing" by aerosmith.

wagner carillho will sing a elvis classic this week on the american anthems with "viva las vegas", so this one will probably work quite well for wagner, though does not sound like he will be doing a wagner style song medley then on this weeks x factor and just singing one song instead.

so far that is all there seems to be online about the theme for this saturday's factor show, but i will update the blog with some more of the songs for this saturday's american anthems themed x factor in later posts, but so far this looks like it will be a good edition of the x factor, once to watch are probably wagner doing elvis and katie waissel singing a no doubt song.