Sunday, 14 November 2010

14/11/2010 x factor results aiden grimshaw katie waissel

14/11/2010 x factor results aiden grimshaw katie waissel?, if you had to guess who would you think has survived out of these two in the bottom 2 on the x factor 14th november results?, katie or aiden?.

well it was quite a surprise but katie waissel pulled off the impossibel and survived again whereas aiden grimshaw was the act who got voted off of tonight's sunday night x factor results show for the 14th november 2010.

aiden grimshaw was quite shocked but said you win some and you lose some, now he just is ready for a beer to chill out, katie waissel was also amazed as well to survive after probably thinking she would be voted off of tonight's x factor show, due to her being in the lowest votes 4 times so far, but managed to do the impossibel and survive again, so in a way well done to katie waissel for surviving yet again, ithought she might not survive this vote off tonight and be the x factor act to get voted off, but in the end it was aiden grimshaw who got voted off, slightly against the run of play, but anything can happen on the x factor 2010 show it seems.