Saturday, 23 October 2010

x factor predictions 2010 belle amie bottom 2 for the results show

well for tonight's x factor results show i am going to predict that belle amie are probably going to be in the bottom two again, and if that happens i think the judges will vote them off in the final showdown, last week also belle amie was one of the acts to get the lowest votes.

and that's what it would seem might happen again, also belle amie did not seem to get tonight's song over very well either and did not get very good reviews from the judges which is not a good sign either.

so it looks very probably that belle amie will leave the show leaving simon cowell with only 1 act left in the groups category, but this is true to form as the groups always seem to suffer and get voted off the x factor competition quite early, so it looks like belle amie will be in the bottom 2, but who will be the other act with them that is difficult to predict.

but if belle amie are in the bottom 2 acts i think the judges will choose to vote belle amie out of the x factor live shows.