Saturday, 30 October 2010

x factor halloween theme 30th october 2010 tonight singing song choices

here are some more of the x factor halloween themed night for the 30th of october 2010 song choices for the remaining x factor singers, and some are halloween songs no doubt some of tonight's song choices for 30th october halloween x factor theme probably not as much so.

already posted in previous post that wagner carillho song choice for tonight's x factor halloween themed show is meat loaf's bat out of hell, mary byrne has a barry manilow could it be magic, which is one i was thinking is not a halloween themed song, but then i just realised it has the magic part in it, so probably does fit in with the x factor choice of a halloween themed show.

katy waissel is singing a witchy song with the song bewitched which is a definite halloween style song.

cher lloyd has a very halloween themed song with the shakespears sisters song stay, so that is a definite halloween song, though i do not think it is suited to the cher lloyd rar treatment really, so i do not know what kind of rapping or rap cher lloyd could attach to that song, so we might not get the cher lloyd rapping style singing tonight, and i thin cher lloyd has said she is not doing the bad girl rapper thing on this song.

aiden grimshaws song seem to have been kept under raps for tonight's show.