Saturday, 30 October 2010

what time is x factor on tv tonight? seems to be every saturday now at 8pm until 10pm

what time is x factor on tv tonight?, well the time that the x factor seems to be on tv now for the time being is about 8pm until 10pm on a saturday night, which i think is a good time to have x factor on tv, but maybe not so good a time for children to have the x factor on tv so late.

if x factor was on tv a bit earlier it would be more suitable for children to watch the x factor tv show, though the x factor being on tv 8pm until 10pm encourages children to stay up too late really and over winds them up before bed time with all the singing and high emotions of a talent show.

children should be kept calm with things like drawing and reading before bed time as not to give them disruptive sleep and sleeping problems by watching loud singing talent shows.

but i think the x factor has to put itself on at latish to get the peak viewing figures it is after as one of the most watched tv shows.

i think in the past the x factor used to be on something like 7pm until 9pm.