Saturday, 30 October 2010

what is the theme for tonight's x factor this week? halloween night for the live show 4

well tonight's x factor should be fun as the theme for tonight's x factor live show is halloween, and probably sunday nights x factor theme should also be halloween as it is a halloween weekend this year, halloween being on sunday night this year the 31st of october, so on the x factor live show they are doing a halloween theme for the show on saturday night's show.

i am pretty sure this is correct as well seen as it is officially a halloween weekend for this year in 2010.

i think there was a halloween themed show in the past on x factor, but i do not know if there was on last years x factor though, sometimes it depends when halloween actually falls in there year, if halloween had been in the middle of the week then x factor might not of had a halloween themed show, but seen as halloween this year is on the weekend, and it is a halloween weekend 2010, then it stands to reason that tonight's x factor show has to be halloween themed really.