Saturday, 30 October 2010

wagner was singing o fortuna bat out of hell song combo 30th october saturday show tonight

well wagner was wild tonight as usual on the 30th october 2010 with wagner singing O fortuna and bat out of hell combo on tonight's halloween themed show for the 30th october, though halloween of course is officially tomorrow on the 31st of october as well, so i think there might be a bit of a halloween theme for tomorrow nights x factor live show as well.

i actually thought this was quite a good performance by wagner as he does have a very operatic voice style to his music, hence the opera tune O Fortuna and bat out of hell in a way as meatloaf is a bit operatic as well with the singing, and wagner being from brazil gives that kind of accent as well.

Wagner sings O Fortuna/Bat Out Of Hell - The X Factor Live show 4

wagner fiuza carrilho song lyrics for the songs tonight are first the opera song but what do the words really mean as it is in latin.

quite the lyrics there with that song by wagner and a look or compare to get the words for bat out of hell as the judges complain they do not understand wagners voice

meat loaf bat out of hell lyrics as sung by wagner on tonight's x factor live show 30th october 2010 halloween show