Saturday, 23 October 2010

tonight's x factor performances matt cardle britney spears baby one more time

matt cardle was another of the x factor singers to take a big risk tonight and get away with it and come out with a kind of unique version to song that probably did not suit him very well.

i thought this britney spears song that matt cardle sung might not really suit his voice perfectly as matt cardle is very good at hitting those high notes, and this song did not have that many of his kind of high notes like other matt cardle songs like "just the way you are" and matt cardle "the first time ever i saw your face" which were songs that let matt cardle show his high voice and tones the best, but still made a good go with tonight's song and a different style to his usual mega high notes.

katie waissel did well tonight as well but i don't think there is anything to the matt cardle and katie waissel relationship rumours, that was just the newspapers looking to make a story, it would seem.

with this performance same for matt and the other x factor singers that they are starting to come into there own more now and do really good song performances without as much of the nerves.

The X Factor: Matt Cardle sings Baby One More Time - The X Factor Live show 3