Saturday, 23 October 2010

tonight's sunday results show michael buble & cheryl cole

this is what's on tonight's x factor results show there is michael buble and cheryl cole singing, and of course the x factor phone poll results, and this week it is very difficult to predict the bottom 2 due to really good performances from all the singers.

could it be simon cowell's group belle amie who end up in the bottom 2 and the showdown and end up getting voted off by the judges, but that is the best of the x factor predictions as it could go anyway, but probably belle amie are favourites to get voted off of tomorrow's x factor, well tonight's x factor tv show in a few minutes as it is turning 12am halloween night as well now.

so not long to wait for the x factor results show on tv, and this week there is only one act leaving the x factor show, instead of the 2 it was in the first 2 weeks of x factor.

michael buble has been on the x factor quite a lot really over the years, a king of crooning a bit like frank sinatra in a way.

The X Factor: The X Factor 2009 - Stacey & Michael Buble: Feeling Good - Live Show 10

"The X Factor 2009: Stacey is joined by none other than the Canadian king of swing Michael Buble to sing Feeling Good"