Monday, 11 October 2010

the x factor 2010 first results show i predicted nicola

well it looks like i got my prediction correct on the post i made before the x factor 2010 results show, in this post i made a week before! i predicted nicola festa could be in the bottom 2.

"if i was to predict possible bottom 2 in next weeks vote i think nicola festa could end up in next weeks bottom 2, but at the moment it is too difficult to tell who will end up where until you see all the acts sing next week."

but i am not doing x factor predictions all the time, even if i do get some right, now and again, but what a good show it was over the weekend, though some acts did fail to really shine on some of the performances overall it was a very good x factor show.

sad to see 2 acts have to leave due to the double elimination thing, this is probably because there are now 16 acts starting the competition instead of the usual 12 acts and so the eliminations have to get rid of more acts quicker to keep the x factor show on schedule.

fyd and katie waissel was the other act who went into the "singing for there survival" part of the show, and this has caused a new x factor controversy again i see in the news.

people thought that katie waissel should of been voted out of the x factor 2010 show and not fyd, at the end of the day though it was down to judges decisions, and the judges chose to vote out fyd, louis walsh did have the option to take it to deadlock, where the act with the fewest votes would of gone, but louis chose to vote out fyd, who where really good singers.

the fun act of the first live show was wagner fiuza carriho and his performance is worth watching, really fun performance from wagner.

The X Factor: Wagner sings She Bangs/Love Shack - The X Factor Live

cheryl cole's acts seem to be the ones getting all the stick in this x factor 2010 series with all the controversy surrounding her picks for the live shows, but this will probably calm down as the series progresses.

cheryl cole