Saturday, 30 October 2010

the song Rebecca Ferguson was singing was wicked game on tonight's x factor 30th october halloween show

Rebecca Ferguson got some of the best judges responses singing the song wicked game on tonight's x factor show for the 30th october 2010, this was the halloween themed x factor show and one of the best so far really intense performances tonight by all the acts, and not really possible to choose who will get voted off for this show really when it comes down to the bottom 2 tomorrow on sunday nights x factor show.

plus the original to wicked game by chris isaak at the bottom of the page, well worth a listen.

Rebecca Ferguson sings Wicked Game - The X Factor Live show 4

i really like this song was originally sung by chris isaak back in the 1980's or early 1990's sometime.

very good lyrics for this song as well that Rebecca Ferguson from liverpool sung tonight on the 30th october.

wicked game chris isaak lyrics

very good video to the original as well to compare to Rebecca Ferguson's version tonight as well, though this song was chris isaaks own i think.