Friday, 8 October 2010

ready for x factor 2010 live shows on tv start times

i am looking forward to watching the x factor 2010 live shows this saturday and sunday night, and there are some really interesting acts this year, it is definitely going to be a really good x factor.

there was a few surprises on who made it to the final 12 of the x factor's live finals, especially in the girls category, but now it has come to pass, and the live shows start tomorrow night on itv and the start time is changed yet again for what time this saturdays live final is on the tv.

so make sure if you are a x factor fan to have 7:40pm until 10:10pm free to watch the x factor live finals, and that's 2 and a half hours for the x factor i do not think a start of the series edition has ever been 2 hours 30 mins long, so going to be quite a watch.

then not forgetting they will be opening the phone lines for voting on your favourite act, or the act you do not want to be voted off, i would guess the phone lines for voting on the x factor 2010 live finals acts will open after 10:10pm when the first episode on saturday finishes.

well tomorrow i will make sure i have my saturday evening free to watch the first of the x factor 2010 live final shows, get sorted with what i need to do through the day and have the evening free.

its dark anyway now at the time so there is not much to be doing outside on a saturday night, unless you like to go out drinking, either just watch the x factor repeats on the freeview or on itv on sunday daytime tv, if you do not yet have a free view set top box.

then as usual it will be the results show on the sunday i have not seen the start time for the sunday results show though yet.

dannii minogue returns back to the judges panel on the x factor show after her break from filming due to pregnancy.

and of course all the acts should be there though cher lloyd had tonsillitus but will of probably recovered from that illness by now.

here are the acts and there categories.

x factor 2010 groups

belle amie
1 direction

x factor 2010 girls contestants

cher lloyd
rachel ferguson
katie waissel

x factor 2010 over 28's

john adeleye
storm lee
mary byrne

x factor 2010 boys

matt cardle
nicola festa
aiden grimshaw