Saturday, 30 October 2010

one direction singing total eclipse of the heart on tonight's 30th october x factor show

one direction picked another good song for tonight's x factor live show on 30th october with the bonnie tyler hit total eclipse of the heart, louis walsh was not sure where the halloween theme was with the song though, simon cowell said it was because the song one direction sung had the words eclipse in, so basically a very vague twilight theme to the song i.e. via the word eclipse, well i guess that was enough to qualify it for halloween night, the boys in one direction made the song sound good either way.

The X Factor: One Direction sing Total Eclipse of the Heart - The X Factor Live show 30th october halloween theme night

one direction names are harry styles, liam payne, niall horran, zain malik.

this was another good song tonight as well i like this bonnie tyler song from original back in the 1980's, never thought of it is much of a halloween song more of a love song more then anything.

i like the lyrics for this one lots of emotion, i don't think one direction really had strong enough voices for this song got to be able to hit the "power" notes like bonnie tyler does.

this video of bonnie singing total eclipse of the heart shows what i was saying about it being a very big song, but that being said i think one direction did very well with there version as well.

Bonnie Tyler-Total Eclipse Of The Heart (official video & lyrics on description)

bonnie tyler total eclipse of the heart (one directions song tonight lyrics total eclipse) lyrics

what a good week this was for the x factor on 30th october halloween theme with very powerful classic songs tonight's x factor.

one direction