Saturday, 30 October 2010

matt cardle song tonight bleeding love on x factor leona lewis song with lyrics and video

matt cardle got very mixed results tonight with his rendition of the leona lewis song bleeding love, some of the judges really liked matt cardle version of bleeding love while others did not seem to.

i think matt cardle actually put on a really good performance and put his own twist to the song as they say made it his own, even though matt cardle seemed to struggle singing bleeding love for the first section of the song by the end of the song he was in full swing with lots of high notes and his own unique twist to the song.

it actually sounds better listening back to it on youtube in some ways really.

The X Factor: Matt Cardle sings Bleeding Love - The X Factor Live show 4 october 30th halloween show

matt cardle song lyrics for bleeding love on tonight's x factor 30th october.

leona lewis bleeding love lyrics