Saturday, 30 October 2010

mary byrne song tonight could it be magic lyrics video x factor 30th october show halloween theme

mary byrne gave it her all tonight with the song could it be magic on a magical night the 30th of october thenight before all hallows aka halloween, and i think it was one of mary byrne's best performances tonight, though mary got mixed responses from the judges, though it is difficult to get very good responses every week as well.

The X Factor: Mary Byrne sings Could It Be Magic - The X Factor Live show 4 october 30th halloween theme

this is of course a popular song that take that had a hit with as well, but original the song mary byrne sang tonight was a barry manilow song and it is interesting to compare this song as i can't remember hearing the barry manilow verion just the take that version of could it be magic.

Barry Manilow Could It Be Magic Live Midnight Special 1975

these are the lyrics to the song mary byrne was singing on tonight's 30th of october x factor live show.

barry manilow could it be magic lyrics