Sunday, 17 October 2010

diana vickers returns to x factor 2010 tonight live results show

Diana Vickers With Or Without You x factor 2008 live show

diana vickers will be on tonight's x factor 2010 live results show this sunday, so this will make it good, seeing as diana vickers has been one of the most successful past x factor acts, most acts who do not actually win the x factor final seem to disappear, but diana vickers is one of those rare cases of a successful contestant who has not actually won the x factor.

i think it is difficult to call who will be in the bottom 3 on this weeks x factor phone poll results show, the first act with the least votes as like last week is eliminated without even going into the showdown and sing for there survival part of the show.

and so the two acts above that with least votes do the showdown, so does make for quite a tense show when there are 2 acts being voted off instead of just 1 as it has been in the past x factor series.

Matt Cardle sings Just The Way You Are - The X Factor Live show 2

acts remaining are katie waissel who made a good performance yesterday, so might miss the bottom 3 this week, wagner fiuza carriho also seemed to sing a lot better as well yesterday.

aiden grimshaw got a mixed response from the judges with his john lennon song, so might lose votes, but really is difficult to see who will get the least votes though, i doubt it will be aiden grimshaw as he seems very popular overall.

but before the phone results i will be looking forward to seeing what diana vickers is singing and doing as she always stood out on the x factor when she was on it.

Diana Vickers X-Factor auditions