Saturday, 9 October 2010

cheryl cole and gamu nhengu 'gamu gate' saga overblown?

well i think this x factor 2010 saga is well overblown about cheryl cole and pop star hopeful gamu nhengu, like cheryl cole said get some more experience, which would go to mean come back next year like other acts have done.

there is all this thing as well about it having to do with gamu nhengu needing a visa or having visa problems to stay in this country.

the thing is with the x factor 2010 and previous x factor's is out of all the 100,000+ contestants who audition to get onto x factor only a very few can get through, like it was with all the various categories this year only 3 in each category which really does mean some like gamu nhengu do miss getting through.

of course you can see why a lot of people thought she should of got through as well, but they are very tight margins on who gets to the live finals of a x factor show.

it has been said that cheryl cole will talk about this issue on tonights x factor live show, so will have to see in a few hours time.

also it probably does not look like gamu nhengu would be deported any time soon or at all, due to her mum now being a nurse and they have lived in the uk for over 5 years and also that there is no deportations to zimbabwe at the moment due to all the problems in that country.

this is where all the saga started

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