Saturday, 30 October 2010

cher lloyd sings stay on tonight 30th october x factor show halloween theme songs tonight

cher lloyd got the best of the judges comments tonight with her rendition of the song stay, so cher tried something different tonight to show people that she was not just about rapping but was actually a real singer as well with a good voice.

so on tonight's 30th of october show with a halloween theme cher lloyd went for a very deep song in the shakespeare's sister song stay, a classic from the early 1990's i think.

in the end cher lloyd was not really taking a risk as she seemed to have not much trouble and got probably the best comments off of the judges with simon cowell saying it was the best performance of the whole series of x factor 2010 so far.

The X Factor: Cher Lloyd sings Stay - The X Factor Live show 4

the lyrics for this song are quite haunting in a way so the song that cher lloyd sang tonight was well suited to the halloween theme for x factor tonight and suited cher lloyd style very well and seemed to suite her singing voice as well.

very good video to this stay song that cher lloyd was singing on tonight's x factor show by the shakespear's sisters and well worth watching this one as well the original is pretty immense song.