Friday, 20 August 2010

x factor 2010 news time ready for the new series :) soon

its x factor 2010 time, today x factor 2010 returns!, i am ready for the new series, but must first get some sleep, or i will sleep right through past the start of the first x factor 2010 show if i do not get to bed sometime soon!.

excited much, can't wait for the no.1 singing talent show to return, does the bbc still do the come dancing show i wonder, i never watch that though as x factor is always much better, and i am locked into itv1, and maybe i might watch a bit of the xtra factor 2010 on itv2 as well this year, never really bothered with the xtra factor too much in the past.

been looking at some of the headlines and news for x factor 2010, and it sounds like there will be some bickering between the judges right from the first episode of this new series of x factor.

looks like it will be a bit of a spat between cheryl cole and simon cowell, i remember in the past x factors that loius walsh and simon cowell would have a regular bicker and disagreement between each other.

well that is enough of the x factor 2010 spoilers, i am not going to put out any spoilers on here, i always wait until the new x factor show airs, and avoid reading about the shows in advance, its more fun to see what happens as it happens when watching the x factor on tv.

still not sure on the repeats for this series of x factor 2010, whether the full episode gets a repeat on itv2 or not, besides the regular reshowing the next day for those that miss a episode of x factor, or even for those who watch the show twice!.

right a few hours and we will be watching x factor 2010 new series :)