Tuesday, 24 August 2010

x factor 2010 news gossip - autotune?

x factor 2010 news and gossip, well it sounds like with the x factor 2010 auto tune, that simon cowell has come out against the auto tune, and simon cowell has actually banned the use of auto tune from the x factor 2010.

but with the auditions for x factor 2010 already recorded, does that mean that the auto tune will be on all the audition episodes anyway?, as these shows have already been produced, this is what i am wondering.

so this banning of auto tune might not actually stop the auto tune being in the episodes from the x factor 2010 auditions.

though the people behind x factor said autotune would not be used for the finalists anyway, but if no one had noticed auto tune you never know really if they would of used it or not.

people complained about auto tune straight away on social media sites like twitter and facebook, personally though, i never noticed that there was such a thing going on on the first episode of factor 2010, until i had seen all the news and gossip about auto tune.

then thinking back the show did seem more polished vocally, so the auto tune technology definitely did make a big difference for a lot of the acts who were performing on the first show or technically back in the auditions for the x factor 2010.