Friday, 20 August 2010

x factor 2010 is back on tv on saturday xtra factor as well

(UPDATE) catch the repeat of the final on the itv player! or itv 2 final repeated later in night 1:30am, more at the link here ---> X FACTOR REPEATS INFORMATION LINK CLICK ME

just 1 day to go until x factor 2010 returns to itv and our tv screens, can't wait, make sure you have your saturday free from 8:30pm onwards, though if not do not worry as x factor is usually repeated on the sunday as well.

yes, so if you mix the start of x factor 2010 do not worry as the x factor is usually repeated on a sunday, and i am not sure but x factor 2010 episodes might be repeated on the itv freeview the saturday night, but i am not sure about this, will know when the new series of x factor 2010 starts.

well there has been a lot of talent shows and singing contests on tv since the last x factor series finished, but really none of barrage of talent contests and singing competitions where ever as fun as the x factor is, so its time for the pretenders to step to the side and let the really fun singing contest show return with the return of x factor 2010.

so either make sure you are free for saturday 21st august 2010 to watch x factor, or if you miss that and are busy look out to catch the repeats of the x factor 2010, definitely there is always a repeat the following day of x factor.

and possible x factor 2010 might also be repeated on the saturday night but i am not sure yet if that is so or not, will have to wait and see until i see the new tv schedule, with there being the freeview now it does mean these shows are easier to repeat for the tv channels.

and not to forget if you have freeview there is the xtra factor show that goes out on itv freeview after the x factor show finished each episode.

i preferred xtra factor when it was presented by holly willoughby, but this xtra factor 2010 is going to be presented by konnie huq so i am not so sure if it will be as good as the previous xtra factors where.