Monday, 9 August 2010

when does the x factor 2010 start date?

it is now in that the x factor 2010 will be back on tv on 21st of august 2010, of course on itv, maybe a new start time though for x factor 2010 as it will air at 8:30pm on itv.

i think x factor used to always start on the hour not mid hour like the new start time for x factor being 8:30pm, but good news that x factor will soon be back on tv.

i did not know it was so close for x factor being back on tv screens, just a couple of weeks away if that for the song singing talent contest to return to tv.

i had thought it might be another month yet before x factor was back on tv, but at least saturday and sunday nights are now sorted viewing wise with the return of x factor 2010 being so close and in this month.

so the wait is already really over for another year and a new series of x factor, but it only seems like yesterday that i was watching the last series of x factor how fast time fly's it would seem.

this years is said to be the best xfactor ever!.

simon cowell returns with his trademark x factor show very very soon!.