Saturday, 14 August 2010

tickets to the x factor 2010 live show be in tv audience?

well i am trying to workout or find out how you get tickets to be in the tv audience at the x factor 2010 tv show, as it does have a big large audience.

though from watching previous x factor shows on tv, the x factor audience does look to be made up by a lot of friends and family of the acts performing on the show, and there also looks to be a lot of celebrities in the audience of a x factor tv show as well.

so that will lesson the amount of tickets that would be available to the general public who wanted to be in the x factor audience.

so i am doing some looking around on the internet to see how you can get in the x factor 2010 live audience, and where the tickets to be in the x factor 2010 live tv audience are available to buy or reserve as they might be free to get.

going to look around the internet and do some searches to find where you get the x factor 2010 tickets from online.