Friday, 27 August 2010

pixie lott nicole scherzinger geri halliwell x factor 2010 audition judges

i liked last weeks x factor 2010 auditions show with new judge geri halliwell, though it did get a lot of bad press i thought it had a good mix of interesting singers.

it will be interesting as well to see what this weeks x factor auditions show holds tomorrow night on saturday, last week geri halliwell got a bit of stick for talking too much on last weeks show of the x factor.

i think geri did not realise she was taking up too much time by over talking to the acts, but the reason being the judges on x factor try to keep it short and sweet when talking to the acts as time is of the essence when trying to get as many auditions in as possible.

but it was geri halliwells first x factor 2010 audition show so she probably just needed to be cut some slack until she got used to the programming and how the x factor talent show is run and to what format.

geri halliwell was replacing dannii minogue who was on maternity leave fr the start of x factor 2010, but dannii minogue is set to return in the later stages of this years x factor 2010 though.

dannii minogue has been told she might not be in x factor 2011, due to the managers of x factor not happy with dannii minogue taking the full season of x factor 2010 out with maternity leave, but dannii wanted to just take out the start and said she would do the final live final stages of the x factor 2010.

so managers of the x factor tv show have said they might drop dannii minogue from the x factor 2011 next year, i think though this is harsh and would seem to be unfair against pregnant women.

but look for dannie minogue to return in the later stages of x factor 2010, but for the first stages of the x factor talent show you will get various guest celebrity judges like pixie lott in the audition stages of x factor 2010, and nicole scherzinger.

so look out for a changing judging line up on this years x factor as well as regulars loius walsh, simon cowell and cheryl cole.