Sunday, 15 August 2010

get the x factor 2010 live shows on tv audience tickets

i have found the website that does the tickets to be in the tv audience for the live x factor 2010 itv tv shows, it is called applause store, so to get the tickets to be in the tv audience for x factor 2010 you need to go to the applause store website.

when on the applause store website you then need to look down the right hand side navigation menu, at the bottom of this menu you will see the words "the x factor live shows 2010 - itv1".

click on that link, which then gives you the exclusive request page for x factor 2010 studio audience tickets.

it says though they only have stand by tickets available this year, which do not guarantee entrance to the studio audience, so it might be a pot luck thing to actually make it to the x factor studio audience.

but so far i have looked around the internet and applause store seems to be the only way for the general public to get audience tickets for x factor 2010.

i have not seen any other avenues to get the x factor 2010 tickets other then through that website.

actually it says you need to be on the reserve list first, before getting the email application, to get the reserve list you have to register below in the website registration on applause store.

so first you need to register to that website to get the ball rolling on being able to get tickets for x factor 2010 live studio audience.