Saturday, 21 August 2010

best audition of x factor 2010 and autotune?

x factor 2010 has just started back on tv and this has to be my favourite audition of the new x factor 2010 series by katie waisal, out of all the auditions katie's was the most difficult as she was told to change her song.

so katie waisal changed her song to a queen song, but did not fully remember the lyrics, so then got another chance with another song and managed to just about get the judges favour.

i found this first episode of x factor one of the best opening shows in recent years, was really fun packed with various types of acts, even what could be called a bad act, was in the end bad to be good, and got the judges yes votes as well! more on that other audition tomorrow.

but here is a early favourite for the x factor 2010 finals in katie waisal's audition, it was a bit of is she or isn't she going to get through to the x factor boot camp?.

early x factor 2010 favourite katie waisal?.

another issue i was just reading about in the news is something about contestants using autotune on there microphones, well through machines the microphones send the sound through, to make the singing of the contestant sound more in tune.

i did not spot this just seen it being talked about on the internet and on twitter, does not bother me really, but a lot of people seem upset with some contestants choosing to use auto-tune on the x factor 2010.

as this auto tune sounds like it is new to this 2010 series of x factor and not previous series of the x factor.

well will have to see how this story develops about the x factor 2010 autotune controversy, but it would not be x factor without some body complaining about the show, i can see why people would be unhappy if technology is being used to make the acts sound better.

all in all though it was still one of the best x factor audition shows i can remember in a long time, x factor auto-tune or no auto-tune, still a great saturday night viewing.

what can you say really though about auto tune, this is technology for you, and with this being such a big tv show they probably do look to use what ever technology they can to get a more polished effect to the overall x factor show.

now when it comes to the x factor 2010 live finals i doubt they would let the finalists use auto-tune though.