Monday, 30 August 2010

auditions mary byrne new susan boyle subo x factor

i liked last weeks x factor auditions show, and thought exactly the same thing that a lot have thought since the last episode of x factor that mary byrne could be the new susan boyle or subo for short, wonder what mary could be called to have a shortened stage name like susan boyles subo?.

mary byrne or maby?, does that rhyme at all?.

well mary byrne sung a big tom jones song that was said by simon cowell the best audition so far in the new series of x factor.

it was one of those big ballad big voice type songs and really went down well with the irish crowd, so another new favourite at this stage of the competition must be mary byrne.

the judges had a difficult time in ireland, with the lack of stand out auditions but there was a few good stand out auditions that just about saved the day over in ireland.

The X Factor: Mary Byrne's X Factor Audition (Full Version) -