Wednesday, 14 April 2010

x factor 2010 denmark dk look at x factor danmark and the winner of x factor dk 2010 is???

a look at the danmark x factor, i think the x factor 2010 dk has been running a few months now, have auditions on youtube for x factor danmark 2010 that are 3 months old, a popular denmark x factor 2010 audition is from jesper.

X Factor 2010 Denmark Jesper´s Audition (HD)

here are some videos from the x factor 2010 live shows in denmark, really good singers.

X Factor Denmark 2010 The Fireflies (You´re Still The One) Live Show 1 (HD)

X-Factor 2010 DK The Fireflies - Bridge Over Troubled Water (Live Show 4) [HQ]

if you watch this video from the final of x factor dk it looks like the x factor denmark 2010 final was done in a big arena or concert style setting, which is different to the x factor uk final which is produced in a studio setting.

watch at about 2:36 point when jesper afsked is down in the concert audience area walking up to the x factor denmark stage.

and it is in a big concert arena for the x factor denmark final which looks quite good, gives a bigger atmosphere to the final.

DK X Factor 2010 [FINAL] Dune Ft. Jesper - Dry Lips & Let Go Of Your Love


doing a bit of reading and the x factor dk 2010 final was at the danish national stadium parken.

would be the equivalent of the x factor uk final being at wembley stadium for x factor 2010 final, but i doubt that will happen though.

x factor 2010 denmark winner thomas ring