Sunday, 3 January 2010

the x factor tour 2010 starts in just over 1 month

all x factor fans don't leave it too late to get your tickets for the x factor tour if you want to go, the x factor tour 2010 starts in just over one month on febuary the 15th at the liverpool arena.

the x factor tour 2010 is at the liverpool arena for 2 nights form the 15th of febuary to the 16th of febuary.

the x factor live concert 2010 does mostly two night stints at each arena and the x factor tour runs for about 3 months, with most of the acts from x factor 2009 live shows, not sure if previous x factor stars are on the x factor tour 2010 though.

buit if you want to watch the x factor live tour you will have from febuary to april to watch the x factor live tour.

x factor contestants to look out for will be olly murs, danyl johnson, joe mcelderry, lloyd daniels, lucy lucie jones, jamie archer, rachel adedji and john and edward (jedward) and some others as well.

this is the list of the tour dates and the arenas/venues that will host the x factor live tour 2010 and all your favourite x factor acts.

February 15-16 Liverpool, Arena
February 17-19 Birmingham, Arena
February 20-21 London, Wembley Arena
February 23-26 Cardiff, International Arena
February 27-28 Brighton, Centre

March 1-2 Nottingham, Arena
March 4-7 Aberdeen, EEC
March 8-9 Glasgow, SECC
March 10 Newcastle, Arena
March 11-12 Sheffield, Arena
March 13-14 Manchester, Arena
March 16 Dublin, The O2
March 17-18 Belfast - Odyssey, Arena
March 20-21 London, The O2
March 22-24 Cardiff, International Arena
March 26-27 Newcastle, Arena
March 29 Belfast, Odyssey Arena
March 30-31 Dublin, The O2

April 1 Belfast, Odyssey Arena
April 4 Glasgow, SECC

do not leave it too late to get your x factor tour 2010 tickets if you are a x factor fan as the tour will be here quite quick and over quite quick with it only running a few months.

the x factor acts are said to be getting well paid for there singing and performing on the x factor tour, so should be a good for the acts that did not win, as joe mcelderry is set to make a lot of money whereas other acts might not do as well as the out right winner, so the x factor tour gives them a chance to make some good money.

the tour also is in all parts of the british isles from scotland to wales to ireland and england.