Sunday, 31 January 2010

the x factor 2010 blog - american idol 2010 auditions

having another look at some american idol 2010 auditions, though i have never really got into american idol as much as the uk x factor, and it took me a couple of years to get into the uk x factor.

the american idol is okay as a talent programme and better then the talent programmes the bbc seems to role out non stop, but still not really in the league of the uk x factor show, but anyway still some good auditions on american idol 2010 to have a look at.

American Idol Season 9 Episode 5 Los Angeles Auditions Part 1

american idol 2010 auditions - Andrew Garcia Los Angeles:

was watching through a few american idol videos on youtube and while they are funny they are also cringe worthy though, as some people look to really play up to acting bad when they know they are on shows like this, if one thing the x factor uk is better for talent and the american idol is better for the really daft performers.

this video being a very cringe style video:

"Katy Perry on American Idol I Feel Dirty I Touch Myself"