Tuesday, 19 January 2010

American Idol 2010 auditions some of the best auditions so far on American Idol 2010 versus american x factor 2010 simon cowell's talent empire world

will it be american idol 2010 versus american x factor 2010?

idol is just getting started American Idol 2010, here are some of the best auditions so far of season 9 of the popular american idol show, its first week of auditions so far, American Idol 2010 being the american x factor pretty much, though will probably be in competition with american x factor when simon cowell leaves american idol to start the american x factor.

though america is a big country so there is probably room for two big talent shows like American Idol 2010 verus american x factor.

well first up is what they called the "hillbilly audition" Vanessa Woolf.

"American Idol 2010 Vanessa Woolf Hillbilly Audition January 13th ATLANTA"

that was Vanessa Woolf singing country style music, i think it was a bit of a acapella performance, but Vanessa Woolf got a good response from the judges and through to the next stage.


these videos seem very quiet on sound quality so i can hardly hear these youtube videos, but auditions is still early days to tell how good the acts actually are until they get further into the contest.

Vanessa Woolf did better then most of the auditions in the first round of auditions for american idol 2010.

a lot of the american idol 2010 auditions where of the funny or strange nature compared to of the wow she or he is talented nature, vanessa woolf was difficult to tell how she will get on in later shows, if she will get better or not be "good enough" later on.

simon cowell in control of american x factor 2010 or taking on too much with his talent show empire and commitments?.