Tuesday, 15 December 2009

the x factor for 2010 hots up with american x factor planned so americans soon to apply for a us x factor, more uk people applying for uk x factor

the x factor 2010 is going to hot up with a american x factor being scheduled and the uk x factor more popular then ever, with probably record applications to audition for next years the x factor 2010 predicted.

simon cowell has said there is a chance of the american x factor 2010, so the americans will need to soon get applying for the us version of x factor 2010, though nothing is finalised yet, its said simon cowell would not be able to appear on the us x factor due to him being tied to a contract for similar to x factor talent show the american idol talent contest.

this next years x factor is said to be even more popular then ever with record numbers of people predicted to fill in x factor 2010 application forms to audition for the x factor 2010.

application forms for the x factor 2010 are available at the itv website x factor section, the x factor 2009 had over 200,000 applications to audition, though this year with the popularity of the x factor show not diminished it is thought there will be even more x factor 2010 application forms filled in.

back to the american x factor, i thought that is what american idol was a bit of a similar to x factor but it seems not, and that there will be a american x factor now planned for the usa tv market, i think for 2010, this is due to the popularity of the x factor 2009 that it is seen as a big money spinner for american tv networks to do, itv made its best advertising revenue through the x factor this year.

what's funny with the x factor though it all seems to go by very quick and before you know it it is next years x factor again, and like i said in other posts good luck if you choose to apply to audition for the x factor 2010!.