Saturday, 5 December 2009

the x factor 2010 you can now apply, application forms now at itv x factor website, also a phone line and address to ask for x factor application form

you can now apply for x factor 2010, there are basically 3 options, either go to the itv x factor website and fill in the x factor 2010 application form there.

or you can phone the number at that is at the x factor itv website and ask for a application to be sent to you that way.

or use the postal address and follow the steps at the itv x factor website and get them to post you a x factor 2010 application form.

but the wait is now over and you can apply for x factor 2010, i actually just seen it advertised at the end of the x factor 2009 semi final tonight.

probably the quickest and easiest way to apply for x factor 2010 would be to do it online at the x factor website, but there are two other options if this is not suitable.

i had just done a post saying x factor applications would probably be next week, but then at the end of tonight's x factor they said applications are now open.

so basically you just need to go to the itv x factor website to either apply for x factor 2010 and get your application forms.

and good luck for x factor 2010 if you decide to apply and give it a go, there is plenty of time to practice your singing, and also remember it is a achievement just to try and give it a go, i wouldn't have the confidence my self to be able to do that, so even just entering the x factor 2010 is a big achievement.

but there is no panic to apply right away either you now have many months before x factor 2010 starts, though of course, remember it comes around fast also, and before you know it is x factor 2010, its like you blink and there is x factor the next series, always seems to come around fast a new series of the x factor.

i am not sure when the x factor 2010 auditions are though.