Wednesday, 18 November 2009

jedward john and edward to win x factor 2009 and be big stars in 2010 is it possible?

probably jedward aka john and edward will be big stars in 2010 now with there infamous x factor exploits, but can they feasible win x factor 2009?.

i don't really think jedward can win x factor 2009, because they just won't get enough votes when it gets into the later stages of x factor, though, john and edward are getting better and doing more singing now they still have a long way to go, as x factor is in the end a singing contest more then anything, so the place of winning will more than likely be done by the best singers in the contest.

but in 2010 or the end of 2009 jedward will probably have a single released at the very least, louis walsh has likened john and edward to a early pj and duncan or ant and dec.