Tuesday, 10 November 2009

how to apply for x factor 2010 and john and edward helped by simon cowell

(edited this post now) you cannot use that form to apply for x factor 2010 as that form is for 2007 x factor, what i have found out is you can only apply for x factor 2010 when the current series of x factor has ended in the middle of december, when x factor 2009 ends, then you can apply for x factor 2010 on the xfactor itv website, so ignore what i said below. my recent post in this link explains x factor 2010 application THIS Link IS HOW TO APPLY POST

you can apply for the x factor 2010 show, i just found the application form for x factor 2010 by typing into google search "x factor apply" what came up was a link about 2 results down called "APPLICATION FORM" at this address "" and that is the x factor 2010 application form.

you need pdf to open the file, but can click at the side of the words application form it says "quick view" which will bring the x factor 2010 form up onto your web browser to look at, like this.

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
HAVE YOU AUDITIONED FOR THE X FACTOR BEFORE? YES. NO. ARE YOU A... SOLO ARTIST ... entertainment game show provisionally entitled “The X Factor - Series 4” ... - Similar -"

second line down on the google search result see the words - "quick view" so click that and it brings the x factor 2010 application form up to view.

and of course if you have pdf installed on your computer you download the link and fill it in like that, i have not got pdf installed so i clicked quick view to look at the x factor application form.

x factor 2010 application form is just 2 pages and a few boxes to fill in not very complicated like a job application form, it actually looks like one of the easiest forms i have seen to fill in.

back to the current x factor 2009 and the twins jedward aka john and edward or as louis walsh said the next pj and duncan or ant and dec, are still causing trouble and havoc on the x factor 2009 show, by staying in after being in the bottom 2 and lucie jones getting voted off enstead, people said simon cowell should of voted the john and edward off.

though john and edward, had a good performance with ghostbusters and rock dj, simon cowell said john and edward are what he waits to see each week on the x factor.